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says: Thomas Gallo from: Galletto Ristorante

Dear Frank,

I am writing this letter in thanks to you and your organization for the exemplary work performed on our restaurant.

I would like to commend Müller Design on the quality of work performed and professionalism your company has displayed. You handled dilemmas and difficult situations with grace. Further, Müller Design Associates made all the important deadlines and delivery dates exactly as you had promised; on time and on budget.

I would fully recommend your company to anyone embarked on such a difficult project as our own. With your effort and dedication we know Galleto Ristorante wil be a great success.


Thomas Gallo
Galleto Ristorante

says: Cheff Amaryll Schwertner from: Boulettes Larder

Designing a workplace as complicated as a commercial kitchen requires a confluence of keen observation, knowledge of laws and equipment and a sensitivity to budget and timeline of the proposed project. As a chef who spends 18 hours a day in my kitchen, I have appreciated Frank Müller’s abilities to materialize my vision for specific function and aesthetic beauty which are the product of smart design.

The design challenges at the Ferry Plaza Marketplace where we are located were most extraordinary, including a historic building, being over water on pier one and my great demand on a small amount of square footage. Our collaboration with Frank yielded a stunningly beautiful kitchen with high production value, a wood- burning hearth and an island equipment configuration.

I’m beginning a third project with Müller Design Inc with great confidence and expectation that we will again create a stunning and functional environment. I have recommended Müller Design Inc to seasoned colleagues as well as to restaurant start-ups and do so again here without reservation.

Cheff Amaryll Schwertner
Boulettes Larder

says: Alan from: Barone & Reed

I came to a conclusion long ago that the “best money we spent” on the Barone & Reed Food Company restaurant was for the kitchen planning and design. Müller Design gave us a kitchen that was efficient and functional. This is one expense that was really nominal in the overall picture. A solid kitchen plan will pay nothing but dividends over time.

Thank you, Frank!

Barone & Reed

says: Debbie Casey from: Schaffer's Camp

Beginning in 2004, Frank has been instrumental in helping us complete our vision to provide the best in dining experiences for our Members. Whether working with tight space restrictions or providing the focal point in our larger venues, his understanding and precision has culminated in great kitchens every time.

The design for Schaffer's Camp has made the exhibition kitchen the highlight of a fantastic restaurant set high in the mountains. Always a pleasure to work with, his innovative 3-D drawings really make it easy to see how the vision will come to life.

Debbie Casey

Tahoe Mountain Club.
Northstar Ski Resort - Schaffer's Camp