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Müller Design Associates, Inc. is a Foodservice consulting firm specializing in kitchen design. Our clients include hotels, restaurants, educational and health care facilities, quick service outlets, churches and institutions. We provide superior consultation services, detailed and accurate drawings, and the finest documentation available in the planning and design of commercial Foodservice facilities. Müller Design Associates, Inc. designs each system to become a tailored extension of the operating philosophies of our clients’ organizations.


Müller Design Associates, Inc. is dedicated to providing creative, aesthetic and functional design solutions for today and the future of kitchen design to meet the needs of global cuisine and sustainable operational practices. By 2045 California will mandate all future kitchens will be all electric kitchens to stem the rise in global warming.

Sustainability is one of the biggest trends in Food service design and equipment. Commercial kitchen operations are costly. We continue to look for ways to improve efficiency to help in keeping cost down. Food waste reduction and waste management has driven demand for equipment to reduce food waste such as on-site reusable wares and food waste recycling. Furthermore federal; regulations are requiring improvements in sustainability and efficiency.

Plant – based foods are changing how we view food that is being created and incorporated into our daily lives, the equipment and design must meet today’s ever changing global food innovations.

Increased Automation and the Rise in AI are current hot topics regarding commercial kitchens that apply AI, robotics and automation. Point of sales are becoming a thing of the past, being replaced with kiosks, customers are able to order and pay for their meals without human contact. Robots are slowly being incorporated into commercial kitchens. The benefits of using robots in kitchens is that repetitive or high-risk tasks can be given machines, allowing operators more time to create and provide labor savings.

Smaller more efficient kitchen design is driven by higher cost of equipment and lease space. Müller Design Associates, Inc. is always staying abreast of innovations in energy efficient and advance equipment engineering trends to reduce the overall footprint within the kitchen spaces. This also includes ventless food service equipment reducing overall construction and energy costs. A well thought out kitchen designs goes beyond the kitchen square footage. Müller Design Associates, Inc. specifies multi-functional equipment that is design for the best performance (energy efficient- LEED) for the client’s needs.



When we undertake a planning project, we ensure that each facility is the right size for the needs of its patrons, that it fits into the given budget requirements, and that operational efficiency and staffing requirements guide the planning process. Our clients can expect Müller Design Associates, Inc. to provide the best professional service for a reasonable fee. To us, the best service means projects that are on time and within the budget, and a complete and comprehensive set of documents fully coordinated with the rest of the project team.



Müller Design Associates, Inc. is an independent consulting firm. We have no financial interest in, and are not associated with equipment dealers, suppliers or other organizations which may bid for any portion of the work we design or specify. Our loyalty is to our clients.



Müller Design Associates, Inc. is a proud member of the Foodservice Consultants Society International

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